Tree of surprises


Tree of Surprises

One of our most popular stalls is the Tree of Surprises.  Envelopes differing in price from £5 to £25 are placed on our sparkling trees.  A person chooses how much they want to spend and then selects an envelope off the tree to win a prize commensurate with what they have paid.

Prizes can include wines, books, beauty products, festive foodstuffs and vouchers for popular stores.

As we rely on the generosity of our parents to run it we would really appreciate it if you could contribute any gifts for our trees.  Anything valued from £5 upwards is ideal.

The Tree of Surprises is always a fun stall so please do come to the Fair and support it and other stalls.  If, however, you can’t be at the Fair donating a prize is a really good way of showing your support and helping to make the Fair a success.

Please get in touch with either Liz Rigden (Chair of the Christmas Fair Committee) or Emily Heller if you can offer a prize.  Alternatively you can contact your Parents’  Gild Year reps and deps.

Thanking you in anticipation.

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